Have you ever tried searching “How to plan a Disney vacation” on Google?  Bet you were overwhelmed by the number of searches.

We live in an age of information at our finger tips.  Our trouble is no longer how to access information on any given topic.  We can find information on just about anything in less than 3 seconds.  But how to sort through that info is the hard part.  There are thousands of reviews on yelp.  Thousands of blog articles on any given topic.  A million opinions on any topic you’d like to research.
And Disney vacations are no exceptions.  

You can search and read thousands of blogs, personal reviews for any Disney hotel, activity, etc.  You’ll have to piece together for yourself which reviewers have common sense, which of them are trolls, which of them just had a bad day, and which of them maybe have the same tastes as you.  You can join fan boards and read thousands upon thousands of posts that are broken down into tiniest detailed topics – full of people arguing over who is right or which rumor is definitely true.

It's amazing we can get all this information that easy, but it's also very overwhelming.  So when you decide to take a Disney vacation, why not come to me.  This is why I am here to sort it all for you.  Using a professional vacation planner that understand Disney Destinations is very important.  My days, monnths and years are spent being an expert in all things Disney vacation,  and my job it is to customize a trip to your specific wants and needs. It simplifies the process.  It erases the noise and brings everything down to one easy level: what the best options are for YOU.

We can cut through all that noise of the millions of google results to build the very best trip for you.  Easy peasy, stress free!

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